About DASH

DASH is an item randomizer for the classic video game Super Metroid with a specific focus of achieving competitive balance for racing. At the time of inception, our team was excited about the growth in popularity of racing Super Metroid randomizer seeds but felt that matches were too swingy due to the hard gating requirements of certain items and that clear metas were forming. With DASH, we want to experiment with increased options to complete seeds given the wide range of skill in the community.


Our original release, known now as DASH: Classic, introduced the following in game modifications:

  • Samus begins the game with a Starter Charge Beam which does the same damage as uncharged shots
  • Gravity Suit provides partial damage reduction in heated rooms
  • Spazer Beam can be used to access the Waterway Energy Tank location and traverse through Botwoon Hallway
  • Bombs can be used to access the Wrecked Ship Reserve Tank location

More recently, the team released DASH: Recall which was a more ambitious set of changes focused on reimagining and rebalancing vanilla map seeds through adjusting major/minor item locations, introducing new progression items, and modifying the map to open access to dead locations.


DASH is actively maintained by Kipp, MassHesteria, cassidymoen, kupppo, PapaSchmo, and derp

Initial rom patches for DASH: Classic were developed by Smiley

DASH was originally based on the Super Metroid Item Randomizer developed by Total and featured in the 2017 Super Metroid Randomizer Tournament.