DASH: Recall

DASH: Recall is a reimagining and rebalancing of vanilla map with the goal of offering up even more routing possibilities in a variety of seeds and further diversity in how seeds can be completed within a competitive racing situation.

At release, DASH: Recall was an all-in-one mode and changes associated with it could not be used with other configurations. Since then, the individual pieces have been split out to give runners greater flexibility when generating seeds.

The DASH: Recall preset is maintained to allow for the generation of seeds following the original vision of the mode. The following is a breakdown of the changes:

  1. Progressive Charge Beam (aka Starter+)
    • 2 Individual Charge Upgrades added to Major Item pool
    • Samus begins with Starter Charge which does the same damage as uncharged shots
    • Collecting the first Charge Upgrade causes charge shots to do 2x damage of uncharged shots
    • Collecting the second Charge Upgrade causes charge shots to do 3x damage of uncharged shots
  2. 36 Major Item Locations: +2 Charge Upgrades, +3 New Items, -1 ETanks, -2 Reserves
    • Kraid Etank removed from Major Item Location pool
    • Sky Missile added to Major Item Location pool
    • Watering Hole Missile added to Major Item Location pool
    • Mickey Mouse Missile added to Major Item Location pool
  3. Rebalanced WS Reserve Location
    • All speed blocks removed from the bowling room (both at the top for scouting and the singular block that prevents access to the item)
    • WS Reserve Item no longer in a capsule
  4. Rebalanced Plasma Location
    • Plasma Gray door is now a blue door
    • Replaced pink pirates with green pirates
    • Added a platform in the middle of the plasma room that allows exit from the room without “can fly”
  5. Rebalanced Spring Ball Location
    • Removed all 5 of the ceiling blocks from the pants room before Shaktool (the grapple block and the other 4 blocks on that “row”)
    • Removed the sand from the Shaktool hallway
  6. Maridia Routing Updates
    • Removed green gate from Crab Tunnel room in Maridia
    • Gray door to Cac Alley is now a blue door
  7. Pressure Valve
    • Works like Gravity Suit in rooms with water other than East Maridia
    • Note that there are now North and South Maridia zones where Pressure Valve DOES work (See New Maridia Logic Map with Color Coding)
    • Does NOT work in lava or acid anywhere
  8. Heat Shield
    • Provides 100% reduction to heat damage in Upper Norfair heated rooms
    • Provides 50% reduction to heat damage in Lower Norfair heated rooms
    • Does NOT stack heat reduction with Gravity Suit
  9. Double Jump Item
    • Like Space Jump but only one extra spin jump instead of infinite
  10. Rebalanced Gravity Suit
    • Gravity Suit provides a flat 25% reduction to heat damage in both Upper Norfair and Lower Norfair heated rooms (down from 50% in Standard DASH)
    • Does NOT stack with Heat Shield Item