Vanilla refers to the original and unmodified Super Metroid game. The vanilla game will either be NTSC or PAL and will also be headered or unheadered. DASH uses an unheadered NTSC vanilla file in order to generate a seed.

The header is the first 512 bytes of data in many .sfc and .smc files. This contains miscellaneous data that is unused. If you upload a headered file, DASH will attempt to remove the header automatically.

NTSC and PAL are video standards. NTSC is most commonly used today as it runs at 60Hz whereas PAL runs at 50Hz.


Mode is the combination of Item Split, Boss Locations and Map Layout. DASH provides a few curated modes by default, but also allows you to change any of these values to create your own custom mode.

Item Split

Item Split determines the available locations where major items can be placed.

  • Major/Minor: Major item upgrades, energy tanks, and reserve tanks are placed at the standard major item locations dictated by the logic.

  • Full: All items are able to be placed in any location dictated by the logic.

Boss Locations can be updated for the G4 bosses. For example, going to the boss location in Lower Norfair might lead to Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon or Ridley.

  • Vanilla bosses are found in their normal locations.

  • Shifted bosses open access to the location in which they are placed (example: Kraid's etank will be accessible after defeating whatever boss is in Kraid's Lair). At least two bosses will not be in their vanilla locations.

Map Layout determines how the doors around the map are connected.

  • Area Randomization uses 32 specific doors as portals and randomizes the portal connections, producing a unique map layout.

  • DASH: Recall rebalances vanilla map by unlocking certain doors and removing obstacles.

  • Vanilla makes no changes to the door connections.

Minor Item Distribution

Minor Item Distribution determines the ratio of minor items placed throughout the game.

  • DASH provides 2 Missiles for every 1 Super Missile and 1 Power Bomb.

  • Standard provides 3 Missiles for every 2 Super Missiles and 1 Power Bomb.

Environment Updates

Environment Updates applies various tweaks, anti-soft lock patches and other quality of life improvements.

  • Standard has the normal map that most randomizers use, such as Total's Randomizer and VARIA.

  • The DASH setting includes everything from Standard while adding Spazer-breakable blocks at the Waterway location as well as in Botwoon’s Hallway. It also allows the speed block at the Wrecked Ship Reserve location to be broken by the Bombs major item.

Charge Beam

DASH supports adjusting how charge beam is managed in the game.

  • Vanilla does not modify Charge Beam in any way.

  • Starter provides a baseline Charge Beam that does regular beam damage. There is one Charge Beam upgrade in the game that will upgrade to the standard 3x beam damage from the vanilla game.

  • Starter+ is the same except it includes two Charge Beam upgrades that increase the Charge Beam damage to 2x and 3x progressively.

Gravity Heat Reduction

Enabling Gravity Heat Reduction causes Samus to receive 25% less environmental damage from heated rooms when Gravity Suit is equipped without Varia Suit. Note that Gravity Heat Reduction is not considered for logical item progression.

Double Jump

Double Jump is a new item introduced in DASH Recall. When equipped, it allows Samus to make one additional mid-air jump. This behaves like a single-use Space Jump.

Heat Shield

Heat Shield is a new item introduced in DASH Recall. When equipped, it reduces heat damage from heated rooms.

  • Provides 100% reduction to heat damage in Upper Norfair heated rooms.

  • Provides 50% reduction to heat damage in Lower Norfair heated rooms.

  • Does NOT stack heat reduction with Gravity Suit.

Heat Shield is superseded by Varia Suit, and will become unavailable on the pause menu once Varia Suit has been picked up.

Pressure Valve

Pressure Valve is a new item introduced in DASH Recall. When equipped, it allows for seamless underwater movement like Gravity Suit. However, it has no effect in Aqueduct and other rooms in East Maridia. It also offers no damage reduction.

Pressure Valve is superseded by Gravity Suit, and will become unavailable once Gravity Suit has been picked up.

Item Fanfare

Item Fanfare is the ~7 second period after Samus acquires a new item in which the player loses control while heroic music plays. DASH supports disabling Item Fanfare, but they are enabled by default.